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Remote working has become the new norm and got people converting any extra space in their house into a nice little office. Working from home is much more convenient if you have a dedicated working space to do all your important work from. And it is certainly more suitable to work peacefully in your comfortable office at home than waste precious time commuting to work.

Exceptional Spaces understands the value of a cleverly designed home office and provides the best office conversions in East and West Midlands, covering the areas of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, and Birmingham, Coventry, and Warwickshire, respectively.

No matter the nature of your business or occupation, we’ll create an exceptional working space at home that has all the elements to support your professional growth.

Exceptional Spaces specialises in garden office conversions that can give you a designated working space away from the rest of the house. Our specialists also have a number of practical small office ideas for houses that need a dedicated working space within their existing layout.

ng layout.

Bespoke Office Solutions 

Everyone at Exceptional Spaces is dedicated to creating quality office spaces that are built to the highest standards and specifications. We’ll take your opinions, ideas, and requirements into consideration during the designing and planning process and maintain complete transparency right from the time of initial consultation through to building and installation. Exceptional Spaces can manage all aspects of your bespoke office conversion including furniture, storage, lighting and heating, accessibility options, and security, so you will not need to pursue anyone else. Your garden office can have all the features and fixtures such as smart technology, ergonomic furniture, Green solutions, and other design elements to make your working space as futuristic, luxurious, or unique as you want it to be.

Exceptional Home Office Installation

Our team has all the expertise and knowledge required to provide exceptional home office installations of all kinds and sizes. Whether you wish to add an extension and create a dedicated office space, convert your garage into a large, fully-functional working space or simply want to redesign a spare corner or room to fit some office furniture, we’ll take care of all your needs! Over the years, Exceptional Spaces has helped bring to life many clients’ vision of a modern and minimalistic office, a luxury office space, a contemporary working space, and many more of such designs and ideas. We believe every office must provide a productive work environment, and hence leave no stone unturned in creating and installing a bespoke and ideal home office setup that is beyond your expectations.

Custom Office Designs

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