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A hot tub is a perfect place to relax and unwind in the evenings or during weekends. And if you have one in your rear garden at home, you will probably never crave a holiday, as a rejuvenating spa experience would be waiting for you whenever you need it. Over the years, as manufacturers started innovating with the size, materials, quality and features, the whole hot tub experience became as much about entertainment as it was about relaxation. From multiple therapy jets and LED lights to acrylic finishing and automated controls, modern spas come with a range of exciting features that enhance the experience and help you enjoy incredible spa sessions in the tub. Another set of features that have become all the rage in recent times is sound and visuals. Hot tubs with integrated stereo speakers and pop-up televisions are the most sought-after types as they offer relaxation and enjoyment for the whole family. 

Why Choose a Hot Tub with Sound & Visuals

Leading a busy lifestyle means it’s often hard to find time to enjoy all your favourite activities. And since everyone in the family has a different idea of relaxation and entertainment, it is often tough to be on the same page with everyone when deciding the best way to enjoy quality family time. Installing a hot tub with integrated speakers and television can help bring the whole family together for a few hours of complete rejuvenation and fun. Whether you’re sitting in the tub to relax and refresh or also want to enjoy your favourite music or movie with your loved ones while soaking in the warm, bubbling water, a spa tub with sound and TV will allow you to have a different experience each time. Moreover, with a sound and visual system, you can also host surreal movie and sports nights that are sure to impress your pals!

Why Choose Exceptional Spaces for Hot Tub Entertainment

Exceptional Spaces specialises in providing state-of-the-art, high-quality audio and video systems for hot tubs, home cinemas and more. Whether you need a simple audio and TV installation or are looking for a complete package including LED lighting and other automation elements, we can provide the best entertainment features to turn a simple hot tub into a spectacular spa unit. Our team will take care of everything from wiring and installation, so you can get a spa that works like a dream! Get in touch to learn about our sound and visual system installation services.   

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