Anyone who is even borderline obsessed with fitness will have fantasised about having a dream home gym. Imagine being able to spend as much time as you want exercising, work out any time of the day or night, and not need to pay any membership fee for any of it! When the pandemic forced gyms and fitness centres to close down, many fitness enthusiasts decided to bring the gym home by converting their spare room, unused garage, or basement into a fully-equipped home gym. Because staying fit is no longer an option, the only way you can ensure that your body always gets the necessary exercise is by having a gym in the house. Regardless of the room size, building a dedicated gym space is not that straightforward. To ensure that your home gym solves its purpose and motivates you to exercise every day is to get the right home gym equipment. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Consider the Space Available

The first thing to consider while selecting your home gym equipment is the size of the room or the space available. Even if it is tempting to get the whole shebang, don’t fill the entire room with equipment that you will rarely use. Instead, choose the equipment that sits comfortably in the space available and that you are sure to utilise in your exercise routine.

  • Fix a Budget

With such a wide selection of equipment available, it is easy to get carried away. Before you go all out, it is essential to fix a budget and weigh it against your fitness requirements. If you have the budget and room for an extravagant home gym, there’s no need to hold back! But if you have a limited budget and space for a home gym, even having a single multi-function bench or a treadmill or exercise bike can help you reach your fitness goals. 

  • Consider You Fitness Objectives

The choice of home gym equipment will also depend on your fitness level and objectives. If you are a beginner or indulge in light exercises, you can include different weight sets of dumbbells, resistance bands, a fitness ball, and a yoga mat. You can also add a treadmill for when you are ready to transition to the next level.

If you are already at an intermediate or advanced fitness level and have sufficient space for complex home gym equipment, consider getting a multi-gym, elliptical cross-trainer, an adjustable workbench, free weights, barbells, dumbbells, and plates.

  • Health & Safety Comes First

It is essential to consult a doctor or trainer before buying any home gym equipment and begin using it. You must also consider the safety issues associated with some gym equipment when there is limited space and multiple users.

  • Number of Gym Users

If your partner is as passionate about health and fitness as you and will use the home gym alongside you, you must consider their preferences and requirements too. It is a good idea to get multi-station equipment which allows more than one person to work out at a time. 

Having the right home gym equipment can help you follow a regular exercise schedule and achieve your fitness goals without needing to step out of the house. It is also essential to have the best home gym specialists to help you build your dream exercise space. If you have a vision for a perfect home gym, Exceptional Spaces is the only specialist you need to bring it to life! Call us on 0116 2795161 to receive a free site visit and quote, and learn more about converting or extending your property and designing a high-standard home gym.