When converting a room, garage or basement into a home cinema, most people focus on the technology and equipment that makes up their home theatre system. However, you’ll be surprised to know that one of the most crucial elements of any home cinema has nothing to do with advanced technology as such. That element is the seating. You could have the most expensive and elaborate home theatre system, but if you do not include appropriate seating in your home cinema, you’re not likely to fully enjoy any of it. Your home cinema seating can completely ruin or enhance your viewing experience many folds. Hence, it is crucial to get the best one for your room.

But how do you pick the best home cinema seating?

Every house is different. And the same is true for every home cinema. To understand what kind of seats are perfect for your home cinema, here’s what you should consider:

The Size and Scope of the Room

While most of us would prefer to have long rows of seats like an actual movie theatre, they are not always possible or practical in a home cinema. Depending on the size of the room you have chosen to convert into a home cinema, you may have limited space for seating. If you have converted a garage or basement into a home cinema, you’ll have much more flexibility when choosing the appropriate kind and amount of seating. 

Who’s the Audience

The first thing to consider when choosing your seats is knowing your audience. Quite literally. How many people do you expect to host? What are their ages? These are some of the questions to address when deciding the type of seating. For example, if you have kids and intend to spend the weekends watching animated movies with popcorn and soda, it would be wise to have cleanable seats. Depending on who will use the home cinema room with you, you can choose to have multiple rows of movie-theatre-style seats to accommodate all your friends and family, or just a couple of couches if you wish to enjoy snuggly movie times with your partner.

Comfort Over Appearance

When it comes to your home cinema seating, comfort should always be more important than appearance. Your seats must have the flexibility, cushions and support to make your movie-watching experience smooth, comfortable, and relaxing. For an optimal experience, go for seating that can extend and have thick armrests, footrests, and high-density cushions. 

Complementary to Home Cinema Décor

Finally, your home cinema seating must complement the rest of the décor in the room. If you’ve chosen a particular theme such as retro, vintage, modern or anything else, make sure your seats match that theme to get the best look and feel in the room. 

Your seats will play a vital role in making your home cinema more beautiful and comfortable. As a home cinema conversion specialist, Exceptional Spaces can provide the best guidance on home cinema conversions, including equipment and seating. Get in touch with our team to receive a free quote.