Does your home feel small and cramped after the arrival of your bundle of joy? Are you in desperate need of a secluded working space away from the noisy areas of the house? Have you finally made up your mind to transform your garage into a dream gym or cinema? If yes, it may be time to consider extending your property or converting any extra space in your home. There are several reasons why you may need to renovate or extend your home. However, home extension or conversion is the best solution for creating some extra space in the house regardless of the motive. It will not only add more value to your home but will also make it look more beautiful. Since home improvement is a big commitment and investment, it’s important to start your home renovation project at the right time. 

So when is the best time for home improvement in the UK?

Traditionally, summer is the best time to start a home refurbishment project. The drier, milder weather means workers can carry out the work more swiftly and efficiently. Another advantage of extending your property or converting any rooms or garage in the summer is longer and brighter days. Your contractor will likely make the most of the longer daylight hours and finish the project in a shorter time than during the winter months. Also, any brickwork will require drier weather for best results. So if your project involves any bricklaying, summer is the best time to do it. However, summer is often a busy time for contractors. You may find it hard to find a reliable contractor for home improvement in the first place. So it is better to plan well in advance. 

The best time for your home renovation project will also depend on the type of work you need to do. For example, if there is any groundwork or garden clearance involved, winter may be the best time to start as the vegetation will be minimal during the colder months. Also, if your project needs laying out of any trench foundation, it is better to begin in the cooler months as the weather will prevent the trench walls from caving in. 

When you decide to start your home extension or conversion project will depend on the condition of your house, the urgency for extra or dedicated space, and the availability of sufficient funds for undertaking such a project. It is best to check with your contractor when is the most suitable time for your project.

For your home extension or renovation project to be as good and beautiful as desired, you will need a home renovation expert that can do the job regardless of when you decide to do it. Exceptional Spaces is a leading home improvement specialist in Leicestershire that can take excellent care of your project from start to finish. We offer high-quality home cinema, home office, home gym, home bar conversions, outdoor living space, and garage conversions in the East and West Midlands, covering Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, and Warwickshire and Northampton. Contact our friendly team to learn more about our services and to receive a free quote.