Watching a movie, game, or TV show is no longer just a regular Friday night affair. Thanks to the various technological advancements, we now have life-size, ultra HD televisions, cutting-edge stereo speakers and media players that can enhance the whole experience of watching television into something extraordinary. However, a living room or lounge is not ideal for enjoying the full effects and benefits of a home theatre system. What you need is a dedicated home cinema. 

Home cinemas have become all the rage in recent times as people have had to stay at home and keep themselves entertained within the walls of their house. While it is relatively straightforward to convert a garage into a home cinema or build an extension, it is difficult to do that without any additional space at the back of the house. That’s where spare rooms come into the picture! You don’t always need a large room for a home theatre system. A reasonably sized spare room is enough to create a fully functional home cinema. Here’s how you can go about it:

Choose a Suitable Room

If you have more than one spare room, the first step would be to choose the one that has the fewest windows and doors. More wall area means more space to hang the screen and install some shelving or décor. It is also ideal not to choose a room that is next to a toddler or elderly person’s room, as that may cause a disturbance. 

Set a Plan and Budget

There are endless possibilities when it comes to installing equipment and accessories in a home cinema. Thus, it is essential to create a plan and set a budget for the same. With a set budget, you’ll be able to get the home cinema of your dreams in the desired timeframe and cost. 

Choose the Right Equipment

The screen is the focus of attention in a home cinema. Depending on the size of your spare room, you can install a projector and screen or a life-size TV screen that supports 4K or 5K resolution. The reason for having a cinema at home is to have a screen that is grand enough to allow you to enjoy a cinematic experience. Once the screen has been chosen, the next step would be to select compatible speakers to complete the home cinema effect. You do not want your home cinema to look cramped and cluttered, so it is wise to go for integrated speakers. You can also choose to install wireless speakers and headphones to avoid the clutter of wires everywhere.

Select and Organise the Seating

Once the equipment is sorted, the next thing to focus on would be the seating. Based on the theme chosen, you can have cinema theatre seats, reclining seats, or regular seats and make your movie-watching experience as authentic and comfortable as possible. Also, make sure you arrange the seating at the correct distance from the screen so that you do not strain your neck.

Choose Appropriate Décor

After all the above elements are taken care of, the last thing to do would be to pick appropriate décor for the walls and shelves. Based on the theme of your home cinema, you can choose retro or modern décor, as well as special movie-based or sports-based décor. Just make sure you do not overdecorate the room such that it takes the focus away from the screen. 

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