Gone are the days when the sole purpose of the garage was to park the car or be a dumping space for all the unwanted things from the house. Today, having a garage is a great bonus, as it can serve as the perfect space for conversion into a room of your desire. While it seldom has the ideal dimensions you need for any extensive conversion or extension, a garage can still be structurally modified to suit the needs of the room. Whether you need to extend your ground floor space and bring the garage into the layout or create an extra, dedicated room for a specific purpose, a garage conversion is guaranteed to add value to your house. Whatever your reasons are for converting your garage, the ideas below will inspire you to do something great with your space:

Garage-Office Conversion

The most popular and relevant idea for the current times, converting your garage into an office is the best way to create a dedicated working space in your home. Since a garage is located outside of your home, creating an office space there will give you the privacy and peace you need to maintain productivity. It can also serve as an ideal working space for holding any in-person or online meetings. Just make sure you utilise the space in your garage wisely and include sufficient storage and power outlets, as well as a small toilet, kitchen area, and sink. 

Garage-Man Cave Conversion

If you’ve always missed having a personal, dedicated room where you can pursue your hobby or enjoy your favourite leisure activity, then converting your garage into a man cave is the best way to fulfil your dream. Whether it is a sports-themed man cave, a gaming den, or a music room, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a man cave in your garage. Apart from the actual accessories, gaming consoles, instruments, and screens, you can also get matching décor and colours to get the right look and feel. 

Garage-Home Cinema

Imagine being able to have an authentic cinema experience without getting in the car and going to the cinemas. A garage-home cinema conversion can be the perfect idea for sports lovers and movie buffs. With a home cinema in your garage, you can host endless movie and sports nights and have thrilling experiences with your loved ones. Just add some relevant décor and cinema seats to the room, and you will have a hard time telling your garage apart from a real cinema hall. 

Garage-Gym Conversion

Staying fit and active has become a must for people of all age groups. While going to the gym can be fun and rewarding, having a gym in your home can be much more cost-effective, convenient, and helpful. A garage is an ideal space for gym conversion. Regardless of how busy you are, having a gym in the garage will make it possible for you to work out whenever you can and want. Make sure you only get the equipment that’s right for you and do not fill every empty corner in your garage with gym equipment, as you will need space and ventilation to be able to work out freely. Converting your garage into a gym will also allow you to include features like slip-resistant flooring, which may not be well-suited for other areas inside your home. 

Converting your garage into a dedicated room for a specific purpose can add an extra room to your house and give you the flexibility to create an ideal space for any requirements. Apart from the ideas mentioned above, garages can also be converted into kitchens, living rooms, playrooms, utility rooms, and additional bedrooms, as per your desire. If you’re looking for a garage conversion specialist in or around Leicestershire, Exceptional Spaces is just who you need! Contact us to learn how we can help.