Do you find it tough to take time out from your daily schedule to go to the gym or exercise outdoors? You’re not alone. As our lifestyles and social lives get busier and more stressful by the day, going to the gym is something that not many can manage. For such individuals and for those that are addicted to the gym, installing a home gym is the best solution for remaining fit and active. As professional home gym designers and builders, we have ample experience in installing exceptional home gyms that are straight out of your dreams. If you’ve made up your mind about converting the extra space or room in your house into a fully-functional gym, here are a few home gym ideas to inspire you:

Basement Home Gym

The basement can be the perfect space for your home gym. It is generally large enough to accommodate all the equipment you need, without making it too cramped for you to navigate. The basement also offers a lot of flexibility in terms of the theme you want to choose, as it is likely to be used exclusively for the purpose of exercising. You can also divide your basement into two areas, one for the gym and the other for some other recreational purpose for yourself, a family member, or your kids.

Garage Gym

For those lucky enough to have an unused garage or shed that is big enough to accommodate all the necessary equipment, designing and installing a modern home gym is not only the best idea but also the most practical one. Why pay monthly fees for using a public gym when you can make a one-time-investment and get a fully functional gym in your garage? Just make sure you include an elevated colour scheme, some motivational décor, and the best quality exercise equipment, and you’ll have a state-of-the-art gym right within your home grounds.

Home Gym

Even if there is no extra room or space in your house for a dedicated gym, you can still have a wonderful little exercise corner or area to function as a mini gym for your daily fitness activities. You can always include a sliding door to separate this area from the adjoining room and create a dedicated space that gives you privacy during your workout. Make sure you only put the equipment you use and need so that you do not take up more space than necessary. Add some funky fitness-themed décor, a mirror, and some smart storage, and your perfect little home gym is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Even if you follow a less strenuous fitness regime that includes simple weight training, yoga, and aerobics, having a dedicated gym area in your home is always beneficial. Simply colour the walls with cool, sublime colours, deck them with calming graffiti and décor, keep the room light and airy, and you’ll get the perfect ambience for your rejuvenating sessions.

Regardless of the space available, there is a lot you can do with your home gym. This is why it is easy to lose sight of your budget. It is always advisable to work with professionals when it comes to building or installing your home gym, as they can give help design your dream home gym without tossing your budget in the air. Want more advice on designing your personal gym? We’d love to help! Contact our team today.