Being a gym freak or a fitness lover probably means you spend at least an hour working out in the gym every day. This also means you spend a considerable amount on gym memberships every month. Although this may be the only way of staying fit for many, there are a privileged few who can get their adrenaline pumping without needing to leave home. Suppose you’ve got a dusty old garage that occasionally houses your car and is the permanent resting place for your old and forgotten things. In that case, there’s your opportunity to create a magnificent gym right within your home. Whether you’re a morning person or an evening person, having a gym in your garage will give you the freedom to work out at your convenience. You’ll never have to wait for your equipment to be free and will be able to save time and money in the long run. Achieving your fitness goals will become easier and quicker with a garage gym, which will only have equipment that you prefer to use. If we’ve convinced you to get a garage gym conversion, here are a few ideas to build a fabulous one:

Colour Scheme A garage gym conversion gives you the perfect opportunity to create a personalised environment that inspires you to push yourself. Choose a colour scheme that is right for the kind of workouts you like. For stimulating and highly-energising workouts, red or yellow are best suited, while blue or grey are perfect for yoga, Pilates, and other less invigorating forms of exercise. However, make sure you do not paint all walls of your garage gym with one colour as it will either overwhelm you or make you moody during your workouts. 

  • Décor

Are Rocky Balboa or Bruce Lee your inspirations? Then having a dedicated wall with posters of your favourite fitness personalities just near your workout area can help you go a little further each time. You can also choose a theme for your garage gym and get matching décor that welcomes and inspires you every time you walk in. 

  • Lighting 

Depending on the size of your garage and the space available, you may be able to create an amazing ambience for your workout sessions with the help of appropriate lighting fixtures. Just make sure the lights are neither too dim nor too bright, as they may make you lose focus during the exercise. 

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

Since the garage is most likely to feel damp and cold, it is important to install necessary heating and air conditioning systems, so the outside weather cannot affect your workouts all through the year. 

  • Entertainment & Mirrored Wall

If you are converting your garage into a fully functional gym, you’re probably planning to spend a lot of time there. To truly enjoy your workouts and make the most of the time spent there, install a good entertainment system, including a large television set and music system, so you can enjoy your favourite shows or soundtracks while working out. If you like to observe yourself while exercising, an end-to-end mirror can make a fantastic addition to your garage gym.  

Your gym equipment may be the most important aspect of your gym, but having the right décor and ambience is equally important to enhance your workout sessions. Exceptional Spaces are a team of garage gym specialists in Leicestershire who can help you build the gym of your dreams! Contact us to discuss your ideas and receive a quote.