You’d be surprised how your home can be completely transformed by adding just a bit of extra space or an extra room. It does not take much to turn a small, dated property into a modern abode. From rear and loft extensions to garden or garage conversions, there are plenty of ways to renovate your home and add some aesthetic as well as financial value to it. Regardless of whether your house is small or large, if you’ve got additional space at the back or in the house, building an extension or converting it into a dedicated room is the best way to utilise the space. Here are some home extension ideas to inspire you:

Open Plan Extensions

Love entertaining guests? Then an open plan extension is a good idea to create some extra kitchen/lounge space. You only need to double the downstairs area and extend it further in the garden area without altering the upstairs layout. Open plan extensions give you much more space for your culinary adventures as well as for hosting parties and dinner nights.

Glass Extensions

One of the biggest advantages of glass extensions is that it goes well with both modern as well as traditionally designed properties. In addition, glazed extensions add some extra space and brighten the whole area by allowing ample natural light to come in. And the best part is? Glass extensions can be designed and structured to suit both large and smaller properties, making them one of the most beautiful and cost-effective extension ideas.

Side Extensions

It can be tricky, but even a small side extension can make an otherwise cramped kitchen into marvellous and spacious cooking and dining area. For example, instead of choosing the common window and door designs, you can add glass extensions and structures that make the room bright and airy and make it appear larger and more spacious.

Loft Extensions

Not everyone is lucky enough to have generous space at the rear of their house. But even so, you can still create some extra space in your house by extending upwards, i.e. your loft. Loft extension is the perfect way to add a bedroom, study room or lounge area to your home. It will also add more value to your home. 

Garage Conversion

If you are sceptical about modifying the layout of your house but are still keen to install a home cinema or home bar, an unused garage can solve the problem. Due to its enormous size, the garage can be converted into something extraordinary like a home gym, home office, home cinema, home bar or a swanky man cave, depending on your preference. Moreover, since the garage is still part of your house, a good garage conversion will add more value to your home.

Ready to begin? No matter which home extension ideas appeal to you the most, Exceptional Spaces can take care of your project! Sit back and relax as your property is transformed into a gorgeous and spacious home that you love and are proud of. Our experienced team will make sure all your expectations are met and surpassed and that you get the extension or conversion you desire and deserve. To learn more about our services and to receive a free quote, contact us today.