Having a dedicated bar area in the house is a luxury many people dream of fulfilling at some point in their lives. A perfect corner to unwind after a long day at work, or to entertain guests during special occasions, a home bar can serve multiple purposes. Regardless of why you wish to build a home bar, it is important to design one that is perfect for your tastes and needs. Once you’ve made your mind about installing a home bar, the first thing to do is to choose a suitable location. Whether it is a basement home bar, a garage home bar, a standing kitchen bar or a small corner bar, there are several possibilities you can explore depending on the structure of your home and the space available. To inspire your creativity, here are a few home bar ideas that will help you design a stunning bar area that you and your friends will love:

  • Vintage Home Bar

One of the classiest home bar designs that will never go out of fashion is a vintage-themed bar. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a vodka lover, you can choose to store your liquor in traditional cellars and get the perfect vintage feel in your bar area. Alternatively, you can divert from the usual and get a vintage, wooden bookcase to store your bottles and complete the look with candle stands, a globe and presentation sets.

  • Sports Home Bar

A hit home bar idea among men of all ages, a sports-themed home bar can become your favourite corner in the house, where you can enjoy all your favourite sports and drinks, on your own or with your best mates. Add some sports posters and décor, and your sports home bar is ready to entertain!

  • Pub-Themed Bar

A home bar is your pub-away-from-pub. If you’re building a home bar so that you need not go to the pub every time you want to drink, then designing a pub-themed home bar is the best thing to do. Depending on the space available, you can make it as authentic as possible with wooden benches, a proper bar counter and some funny, personalised bar signs.

  • Modern Home Bar

If you’re not fussed about following a particular theme, you can simply choose to have a modern home bar design that is stylish and sublime. A polished bar counter, a beautiful cabinet and some sophisticated décor is all you need to build a gorgeous modern home bar.

How Can Exceptional Spaces Help?

Exceptional Spaces has helped numerous customers transform additional spaces in their homes into marvellous dedicated bar areas. Our designers and builders will work with you to understand your needs and vision and then suggest the best designs for your home bar accordingly. If you’re thinking of converting your garage, basement or any extra room into a fully functional home bar, we’re just a phone call away!