Staying fit and active has become a necessity for people of all age groups, now more than ever. In today’s busy life, health and fitness often take a backseat, due to daily battles with the pressures related to work, family, and social commitments. It is often difficult to take time out for going to the gym or for any other physical workout, regardless of how much you may want to. This is why having a home gym can be extremely beneficial for your physical as well as mental well-being. With a gym in your home, you can easily fit a daily exercise routine into your schedule, whenever you can spare time during the day or night. If we’ve convinced you about converting the extra space in your home, basement or garage into a gym, here are some of our top tips to help you design the perfect one for your house:

Find the Correct Space

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have a spare room to fit your gym. If you’re lucky enough to have an unused garage, basement, loft, or room, then they’re the right places to start. You can also consider building an extension to your existing structure to include your home gym. Either way, you will need to consider the space available and then get your gym designers or builders to draw out an appropriate plan that includes the right number and kind of equipment and fixtures, such that there is ample space between them.

Ensure Good Ventilation

Since you will be sweating your pants off (literally!) in your gym area, and breathing heavily during your workouts, it is important that your home gym has good ventilation and airflow. A dark, damp, and stuffy home gym will never invite or encourage you to exercise, and bad air quality will be counterproductive for your health. Depending on your environment, you may need to get professionals to install dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, heating, and air conditioner.

Get Appropriate Equipment

The most important part of any gym is the equipment within. While you may be tempted to go all out on your home gym equipment, this is not the wisest thing to do in most circumstances. Assess your health and fitness needs and consider your budget before you go about installing any equipment. If you’re more of yoga, aerobics, and Pilates person, who only needs a bit of weight training, you do not need to spend too much on getting high-end exercise machines. Consider your fitness level and goals and then get professionals to install equipment that is right for you.

Install Relevant Tech

The fitness sphere is constantly evolving, with new tech and innovations being introduced every other day. Since a home gym is a big commitment and investment, make sure you get it right in the first go. Hire professionals to install the latest gym tech including LED televisions, live streaming instruments, wearable monitors, and other handy innovations that can help you keep track of your workouts and their impact on your health.

Invest in Smart Storage & Décor

Clutter is always demotivating, regardless of which room it is in. To ensure your home gym is clutter-free and well-organised, invest in smart storage solutions that take up minimal space and don’t get in the way of your exercise. Also install full-length mirrors and theme-based décor to make sure your home gym has a fresh, inviting appeal.

It takes time, effort and insight to design and install a home gym that serves your needs and looks fabulous at the same time. If you’re looking for professional help with designing and installing your home gym, the Exceptional Spaces team is just who you need! We have installed home gyms of all scales, sizes and designs for our clients and have the right knowledge and experience to blend our expertise with your personal design. To discuss your home gym ideas, get in touch today!